Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Success with the 15x10 Mono

A customer has been having great success with the 15x10 mono.

Pictured here with a 93 gram nugget found recently.

Congratulations .

I guess that's one less nugget out there for us.

Regards Pete 

Monday, 12 January 2015

New Detech EDS Gold Catcher

I had the opportunity yesterday to test the new VLF  EDS Gold Catcher from DETECH .

Headed out to a spot that I knew, which had produced small nuggets in the past this area would also give me a good indication of how this new machine would handle our mineralization .

Chose to hunt with the 6" DD so I could poke around the reef.  Balancing the machine is a relatively easy task.

A little chatter from the machine as we have come to expect from VLF. But I was pleasantly surprised with the smooth operation.

After picking up many small pieces of lead shot finally got a signal that was deeper than the top soil.

50 mm down and I extracted a nice little nugget of .76 gram.

The machine is very sensitive to small targets running at 28 kHz .

Will be spending more time with this machine in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for pricing on this machine comes complete with rechargeable battery system , 6" & 10" round search coils.

Regards Stinky

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Good Day Out

Nothing more relaxing after a stressful overseas trip and many flights.
Than getting out in the office with Mother Nature .

Even though it was a stinker of an arvo I managed to grad a few ours prospecting.

Using the 15x12 closed mono hunting some new areas to me, slopes and gullies when finally turned up a nice signal. Which ended up a great dig for a 3.5 grammer.

This got the blood pumping another 30 mins before I needed to turn back saw me with 2 more great digs, and a couple more nice nugs of just over 2 grams each .

Nothing quite like the exitement of this wonderful country of ours.

All in all a great day in the bush.

Regards Stinky

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Happy Customer

I had a customer turn up today and purchased a 15x12 mono

We chatted for a while then Barry said he was going straight out to test his new coil.

@ 11.30 I got a call from Barry, 

"I've got a target, I'm down a foot and it's still in the ground".

I raced out as Barry was only 2 Km from home, he was waiting, so I could wave a coil over the target whilst it was still in the ground.

The target was close, as the Minelab probe was able to pick it up no problems.

1 more blow with the pick and she was out of the hole.

Oh happy days 

Needless to say, Barry was very happy with his purchase, as it was paid for on his first outing within 2 hours - he found two pieces !

Nice Dig Barry 7.2 grams @ about 13 inches.

That's a great feeling when you've dug through the wash, into the clay and the target is still in the ground!

Another satasfied customer.

Great work Barry

Regards Stinky

Sunday, 27 July 2014

New 8"DD. Coil

Well after requesting a prototype 8DD,
It has arrived and man what a coil!!!

This coil will put someone life back into the older minelab machines.  The coil has proven to be extremely sensitive to small gold and ultra stable over the ground .

Managed to snag this 1.6 grammer on the first outing.

Further testing has proven this coil a real contender when hunting small gold. 

Still allows the use of discrimination, very stable and quiet near electrical interference.

Turn your older machine into a small gold weapon!

All my testing was done on a GP3000 and was proving as sensitive as a GPX running 8" mono.

Should have stock of this coil soon.
Order now if you want to add this coil to your arsenal!

Regards Stinky

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Magnetic Gold Nugget

This photo was sent to me by a DETECH customer.

That's right this nugget is attracted to the Magnet quite amazing.

Regards Stinky

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Winter Blues

Well it's been very cold and wet in the Golden Triangle.
Still managing to get out here and there for that swing to relieve the gold fever.

More product testing with new coils still to be added to our ever growing list of performers.

Great to hear from happy customers.

This photo from a happy DETECH customer from the west.

Approx 70 grams of the good stuff , that's the inspiring stuff that makes you dust off the machine and get out there.

Stay tuned we hope to have a Demo day at Daisy Hill later this year.

Regards Stinky